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KHRMA 2021 Day of Development


May 20, 2021
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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Virtual - Zoom Meeting


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Please  join us for our annual KHRMA Day of Development.


We are excited to welcome Alex Dorr to present a three hour workshop!



Many of us in Human Resources and leadership are focused on how to “get through” these transformative times so we can get back to business as usual. For Reality-Based leaders, the work at hand is about greatness - how to not only survive the daily in these times but to ensure that your team comes through this crisis better for it, evolved by it, and changed from it.

Alex will help participants gain greater clarity about how the mind works - so they get played by their own egos much less, along with five key realities of how the world works - so that participants can avoid the most common traps in thinking and behaviors that lead to frustration, burn-out and the perceived need for self-sacrifice as a leader.

This session will outline the role of a leader in profound uncertainty, capturing hearts and minds of employees, keeping teams and individuals focused on the work at hand, all the while ensuring that the forces that will evolve your team and team members is not curtailed. Participants will learn techniques to develop their teams in uncertain times and be able to identify where their teams are currently while receiving strategies to modernize their leadership approaches to ensure success in the new environments.

Alex will definitely interrupt your current thinking and provide tips and tools to make sure that your team is impacted but not traumatized by recent events and that you are leveraging current opportunities to build resilience and hope in your teams and to recreate the way you work in the future.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how the mind works and recognize the ways in which human beings tend to respond in times of challenge and disruption by either stepping down into “ego behaviors” or stepping up into a place of higher consciousness allowing them to focus on where they can make the most impact and add the most value.
  • Learn to separate and disconnect reality from suffering with techniques to help manage the energy of your teams away thinking about “why we can’t” and instead, towards a new mindset of “how we could.”
  • Examine the difference between leading with empathy vs. leading with sympathy, calling your teams to greatness so they emerge from challenging times evolved and better for it, not traumatized by it.
  • Analyze a set of themes that highly resilient people have in common so you can help nurture those qualities, building resilience in both yourself and your teams.
  • Discover how to call your teams up to greatness and inspire self-reflection with simple tools that you can immediately begin to use in team meetings, huddles, and coaching opportunities.


More details: 

  • Attendance at this year's virtual event is only $49 for members and $59 for non-members!
  • All registrants will receive a super cool swag bag filled with curated items!  Details on pick-up will be communicated at a later date with safety measures in mind.
  • This meeting has been approved for 3 SHRM and HRCI credits.
  • Virtual meeting conference information will be provided the day prior to the event.


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